About Yardie

Wat a Gwaan Beauty, my name is Santana, founder and CEO of Yardie Cosmetics. Yardie Cosmetics is a beauty brand built for all make-up lovers. I created this company as an extension of who I am—a true Jamaican who is proud of my native roots. I wanted to celebrate the essence of my heritage by creating a catalog that embodies Jamaica and all its mystique—the language, the people, the music and of course the food.

As a Jamaican living in the United States, it is important for me to represent my country. I decided to give my products Jamaican Patois names, as I wanted to celebrate my native tongue.
Shopping Yardie Cosmetics is a true island experience, it is a fascinating way to learn about the Jamaican culture. Whether you prefer a natural face, a glamorous beat or a combination of both, our goal is to empower you to create the look that makes you feel beautiful.

At Yardie Cosmetics we strive to provide high quality, cruelty free, vegan friendly and hypoallergenic products, so you can feel safe when you wear Yardie products. We invite you on a journey with us, virtually exploring Jamaica and embracing your inner Island Gyal.

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