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Portmore City


Portmore, also known as the "Sunshine City", is situated on the south coast in the Parish of St. Catherine. It is approximately 15 miles south-west of the capital of Kingston. It is divided into two regions, the plains to the north and the limestone hills of Hellshire to the south. Portmore has mangrove and saline wetlands to the south east and the alluvium areas in the center and west. The Port Henderson Hill and Hellshire Hill are elevated areas that rise above the gently sloping "Portmore Plains". Portmore consists of communities such as Old Portmore, Greater Portmore, Braeton and Hellshire. Portmore is one of the largest urban areas in St. Catherine with respect to human settlement. The most famous cave is named in Portmore is the "Twin Sisters". The popular Hellshire Beach and Fish Spot is also located in Portmore.

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