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    •Premium quality synthetic hair fibers 
    •Soft and smooth hair quality 
    •Strong powder and liquid grab
    •Durable Aluminum Ferrule 



    Rich in carbohydrates, this wonder of nature provides 21% of the daily dietary requirement. It is high in Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants, helps with skin inflammation, promotes cardiovascular health, aids in digestion, helps with dandruff and hair growth. It boosts energy and helps regulate diabetes. Breadfruit even aids collagen production and dental health and these are only some of the benefits that come from adding breadfruit to your diet.
    Jamaicans eat breadfruit in a variety of ways once it is ‘fit’, when a breadfruit is 'fits it means that it's ready to eat.
    •Baked into Chips 
    When boiled, breadfruit tastes similar to potato

    2 products
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