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Half Way Tree


Half-Way Tree, the capital of St. Andrew, is commonly referred to as the midway mark between what is called “Uptown” and “Downtown”.  When the Spaniards first arrived, a huge cotton tree stood near to the parish church, at the  junction of the important roads which led from Spanish Town and Kingston to the easterly parishes of Portland and St. Mary. People travelling from the western parish into Kingston, or further east, often stopped at this “halfway” point to rest and there was a tavern in the shade of the old cotton tree which provided refreshment for the travelers, hence the name of this famous intersection. The tree stood there until the 1870s, today the landmark is marked by a clock tower erected in 1913 as a memorial to King Edward VII. The giant advertising screens also serve as an occasional focus for the broadcast of national events, such as Usain Bolt winning yet another of his Olympic golds.

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