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 Established in 1770, the parish of Trelawney was named after William Trelawney former Governor of Jamaica. Trelawney has pockets of rich culture indigenous to the parish. The southern section of Trelawney is a part of the Cockpit Country and is uninhabitable. It is therefore a natural reserve for flora and fauna; most of Jamaica’s 27 endemic bird species can be found there, along with yellow snakes, and the giant swallowtail butterfly, the largest butterfly in the western hemisphere. Wakefield in North Trelawney is the home of the Tambu, Gerre and Mento Band. With new attractions such as the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier and the Multi-Purpose Complex, Trelawney is receiving well-deserved notice by tourism interests as it positions itself among the most attractive locations in the very competitive industry.

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